New beginning

The first blog site of “The state I am in” was established on 20 yrs old, and stopped writing on 30 yrs old. The period was when I was a graduate student and a rookie engineer, so the words from the blog was obviously been written about the confusing of “being a adult”, which including the music, movie, feeling in those years.

This new “The state I am in” site was established on 37 yrs old, and now I have wife and 2 baby daughters. 17 yrs passed, there are still some part of me has been removed, some new has been added, but most of them are still there.

Don’t be mind to give advice and suggestion for the all joy, silly, and prejudice of the word. Life is short, isn’t it?


  1. hi, i was just surfing the web and stumble upon your blog. i just wanted to tell you that you are ding very well and hope you will be. Man you are so blessed that you have two beautiful daughters caring wife loving parents.isn’t this we call a miracle and your life is full of them. I am just amazed how you got time to write so much on this blog….

    Life isn’t short but not long enough to cherish our beloved ones that’s just i experience till now.Any way Good luck and may you have the same spirit God Bless your Family and you. Ameen.


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